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MSc in Advanced Computing (Creative Technology) MS52

This is part of the MSc in Advanced Computing.


Programme Structure

The programme structure is explained here. Units are listed below.

Semester 1 Unit Codes and Links

COMS30121Image Processing and Computer Vision10TB1Mandatory
COMS31000Character and Set Design10TB1Mandatory
COMSM0013Animation Production20TB1Mandatory
COMSM0009Interactive Devices10TB1Option
COMSM0010Cloud Computing10TB1Option
COMSM0305Learning in Autonomous Systems10TB1Option
COMSM2006Algorithmic Aspects of the Internet10TB1Option
COMSM2005 Law and IT 10TB1Option

Semester 2 Unit Codes and Links

COMS30115Computer Graphics10TB2Mandatory
COMSM0104Web Technologies10TB2Mandatory
COMSM2001Server Software10TB2Mandatory
COMSM2202Research Skills20TB2Mandatory
COMSM0012Robotics Systems PG10TB2Option
COMSM2127Computational Neuroscience10TB2Option
EMATM0029 Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence10TB2Option